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What's Panels Project ? 🤔

Panels Project is a competitive farming game based on the Cronos blockchain. Players must gather resources and create materials to build even more buildings while saving energy. This way, an empty land can be transformed into a bustling city.
Anyone will be able to play Panels Project in their browser and phone.
The interesting thing about Panels Project is that the game is very competitive. Each round normally lasts a week, which means that players have a week to optimise their energy and earn the most points. Only the best players are rewarded. These rewards are usually Panels tokens, although there are other prizes. These tokens will have real value, meaning that you will be able to trade it or use it to buy NFTs in game.
Completion of the daily challenges will be required to unlock your daily Panels Coin rewards, always acting as a guardian of your earnings.
If you don't play the game, you won't get these great rewards 💸

Guides : Jump right in 👀

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible :
Good to know : More updates are coming.
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